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Support the Wrapped in Courage Campaign

Last year in Ontario, on average every 8 days a woman or child was killed by a man known to them.

The purple scarf is a symbol of the courage it takes for a woman to leave her abuser. However, the courage of the woman alone is not enough. It takes the support of an entire community to end violence against women.

During Woman Abuse Prevention Month (November), join the Wrapped In Courage campaign by purchasing and wearing your purple scarf. Show your support for survivors of gender-based violence, while also raising essential funds for, and awareness of, Nova Vita’s emergency shelter and support services.

Violence continues to be the greatest inequality rights issue for women and girls. Gender-based violence is an often invisible issue, and many women and gender-diverse individuals may not be aware of the services that are available in their community. How else can you support the Wrapped In Courage campaign this November?:

  • Purchase: Available exclusively at Closet Couture Boutique, you can purchase your Wrapped In Courage scarf in-store or online.

  • Donate: Make a donation to Nova Vita at

  • Share: Follow our social media posts this month to increase awareness of the campaign, and Nova Vita’s programs and services. #WrappedInCourage #WeCountFemicideBecause

  • Join: Register for the Break The Silence On Domestic Violence campaign and go silent for 24 hours to raise funds, raise awareness and raise your voice to end domestic violence in our community.

  • Learn: Get educated about the startling stats of femicide in Ontario here.

  • Attend: Join a flag-raising happening in the month of November. Watch Nova Vita’s social media accounts for details.

Thank you for supporting the Wrapped In Courage campaign, and those in your community impacted by violence.

Renu Dhaliwal (she/her)

BRAVE Committee Coordinator

Nova Vita Domestic Violence Prevention Services

59 North Park Street, Brantford, ON N3R 4J8

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